Quartz is made up of Cath Hunter (Lead), Phil Molloy (Tenor), Dawn Ritch (Bari) and Robert Arlan (Bass). A real Costa Mix. Due to the distance between us we only rehearse about every 4 – 6 weeks, but when we get together for a weekend we sing all weekend long and have a ball.

Our aim when competing at En Armonia is to just enjoy ourselves. Being a part of En Armonia and the buzz of contest is what drives us forward. We all love quartet singing and will hopefully continue to sing together for a long time to come. Just goes to show that distance is no object when it comes to Harmony and friendship!

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Singers Barbershop House


Aftershave Quartet

Singers Barbershop House
Singer’s House, Madrid
9 abril 2015


Queremos compartir con todos vosotros todo nuestro entusiasmo de una noche de Barbershop antes de la convención nacional En Armonía 2015. Vamos con todo nuestro repertorio en una actuación íntima y de cercanía en la os haremos vibrar con acordes de séptima y quintas disminuidas.

¡¡No os lo perdáis!! El próximo 9 a las 9. ¡¡A ver si podemos ser 99!!

Lava Quartet

LAVA Quartet blossomed into life when four of the members of  Las Encantadas went to SABS’ first Harmony College in 2013. They were heard singing in the stairwell (where else?) and encouraged to carry on singing together by their appreciative audience. Debbie (Bari), Ann (Bass), Kelly (Lead) and Angelica (Tenor) now spend a great deal of their spare time together, as they all have children of similar ages who have learned to tolerate their mothers’ obsession.

LAVA entered their first competition at the SABS Convention in Calpe in 2014, and will be back!