BABS Harmony College


Title: BABS Harmony College
Location: Nottingham University, Nottingham, UK
Link out: Click here

College Timetable
As last year the College will start at 10.30 on Friday This will enable a number of people to travel to Nottingham on that morning, to help towards keeping the cost down of attending. The Thursday bed & breakfast option is still available and anyone taking this option will be able to attend an exclusive warm-up session on the Friday morning before the College officially opens. Also the bar will be open on Thursday evening with plenty of time to relax, socialise and sing!

Outstanding Value
You not only get excellent training and coaching, you get great facilities, good food, a high level of camaraderie, a private bar with guest beers and of course plenty of time to sing. If you are staying overnight, you also get en-suite accommodation with free wi-fi in each bedroom

Closing Dates for Enrolment

Quartet Coaching Stream: 20th July
Other Streams: 1st August
One-Day options: 13th August

The Extreme Quartet Stream
needs to be booked separately on the website and has a closing date of the 30th June to allow time for the learning of all 6 songs.
Sign up. Join in. Enjoy!
Start Date: 2014-08-22
Start Time: 10:30
End Date: 2014-08-24
End Time: 16:00

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