• We’re excited to welcome...

  • our headline chorus from BinG!

  • Heavy Medal Chorus

  • and our special guest AIC quartet, 20/20, from the USA

    Featuring Jack Pinto, Joe Connelly, Royce Ferguson and Jeff Oxley

Heavy Medal Chorus – From Barbershop in Germany (BinG!)

Directed by Norbert Hammes and Matthias Neuburger

The expansive range of barbershop has been distilled into a single ensemble from Germany! Men. Women. International flair. Quartet singers. A rocking chorus. Everything you thought you knew about barbershop is just the beginning here!

Heavy Medal Chorus is quartet medalists from all female, all male or mixed quartets who were lucky to win a medal in a BinG! contest. Founded in 2011 the chorus performed in Berlin, Münster, Hamburg, Dortmund and Munich, 2013 at the European Convention in Holland and 2016 at the BHS Intl. Convention in Nashville/TN. Although we don’t compete in contests, the highest score we earned as Mike Coolers was 85,8%. We want to represent mixed Barbershop music at the highest level possible.

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We are delighted to present to you, for the first time ever, 20/20 Quartet, especially put together for SABS19. Featuring Jack Pinto, Joe Connelly, Royce Ferguson and Jeff Oxley. It’s going to be amazing!

Tenor – Royce Ferguson

Royce is an acclaimed vocal music performer, director, and clinician. A San Diego, California native, Royce has been active in the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) for nearly 30 years. He is an International Quartet Champion on Tenor (Revival, 1998) as well as an International Gold Medal Chorus Director (Westminster, 2007).

Royce completed two music degrees with honors from Southwestern College and continued his studies in jazz performance and advanced choral conducting at San Diego State University. At SDSU, he also founded a cappella ensemble Royce’s Voices as a component of the SDSU community music school program.

He has participated in numerous choral and educational events, including teaching advanced vocal and directing techniques classes at Harmony University (BHS).

Royce directs the Pacific Coast Harmony men’s chorus, based in La Jolla, CA. He is a certified trainer for the Chorus Director Workshop Intensive (CDWI) program in the US and Canada and is the chair for Chorus Director Development in the Far Western District (BHS).

Expertise in the convergence of music and technology has enabled Royce to work in recording studio production (StudioWest), as well as multimedia quality assurance engineering (Apple, Inc).

Royce is thrilled to be singing with 20/20 at SABS – En Armonía 2019!

Lead – Joe Connelly

Joe was the first barbershop singer to win 4 gold medals. Born and raise in Cincinnati Ohio, he is a second generation barbershop or as his father Mike, is a multi medalist singing baritone.

Joe won his gold medals in 1987 with the Interstate Rivals, 1992 with Keepsake, 2000 with Platinum, and in 2011 with Old School.

Joe is the musical director for the Canadian Showtime Chorus in Ottawa Canada, and resides in the Boston Massachusetts area. He is also one of the most sought out coaches for men and women’s quartets and choruses across the United States and abroad.

Baritone – Jack Pinto

Jack was the baritone of the 2011 international champion, Old School. He is also the director of the Brothers in Harmony Chorus, three times top 10 BHS.

Jack splits his time living in the United States in New Jersey and in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is the owner of Maestro Tours, a company that brings choral groups around the world to tour and sing.

Jack is married to his beautiful wife Olga and they have two boys

Bass – Jeff Oxley

Jeff Is a three time gold medalist bass singer in 1984 with Rapscallions, 1990 with the Acoustix, and in 2007 with Max Q.

Jeff also was the director of the 1999 international Chorus champions, Masters of Harmony. By day, Jeff is a studio singer, recording jingles and commercials.

He resides in Frisco, Texas with his lovely wife Susan and their two children.