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4Gami Barcelona MIXTO/MIXED 4GAMI Facebook Page 4GAMI Quartet Email
4X4 Quartet Madrid FEMENINO/WOMEN 4X4 Quartet Website 4X4 Email
Aftershave Madrid MASCULINO/MEN Aftershave Website Aftershave Quartet Email
Contratempo Lisbon, Portugal MIXTO/MIXED Contratempo Facebook Page Contratempo Quartet Email
Crazy Pitches Los Alcázares (Murcia) FEMENINO/WOMEN Crazy Pitches Facebook Crazy Pitches Quartet Email
Four on the Road Quartet Sevilla FEMENINO/WOMEN Four on the road Facebook Four on the Road Email
Hanfris Barcelona MASCULINO/MEN The Hanfris Quartet Website The Hanfris Quartet Email
Investigators Madrid MASCULINO/MEN The Investigators Website Investigators Quartet Email
Les Fourchettes Barcelona FEMENINO/WOMEN Les Fourchettes Facebook Les Fourchettes Email
MAD Gals Madrid FEMENINO/WOMEN MAD Gals Facebook MAD Gals Email
Metropolitan Union Barcelona MASCULINO/MEN Metropolitan Union Facebook Metropolitan Union Email
Reflections Acapella Benalmádena (Málaga) MIXTO/MIXED Reflections Acapella Facebook Reflections Acapella Email
Shiraz San Cayetano (Murcia) FEMENINO/WOMEN Shiraz SABS Page Shiraz Quartet Email
The Fourmigues Barcelona FEMENINO/WOMEN The Fourmigues Quartet Facebook The Fourmigues Quartet Email
The Wet Crickets Cádiz MASCULINO/MEN The Wet Crickets Facebook The Wet Crickets Email
Viva Los Alcázares (Murcia) FEMENINO/WOMEN Viva Quartet Website Viva Quartet Email
Why Not! Quartet Madrid MIXTO/MIXED Why Not! Facebook Why Not! Email